who am i?

Yes, it's my name, but what exactly is this all about??

eleanor stieva, the brand, is an ethical, contemporary, slow fashion brand that creates bold, feel-good pieces. everything is created mindfully and handmade by me.

I, eleanor stieva the person, am a Canadian living in Maastricht, The Netherlands. I studied fashion design and worked in the industry for several years back home in Canada. eleanor stieva, the brand, was officially launched in Toronto, Canada in April 2021 but I decided to relaunch with a new vision in September 2023 after I moved overseas.

All my products are made with thrifted and secondhand materials that I source from around the Netherlands. I’ve always loved thrifting and finding hidden gems because it felt like no one else would have that exact item, that it’s totally unique. Bold colours and patterns have always drawn me in and I'm sure I'm not the only one. More colours, more fun, right? Every piece that comes out of the studio is completely it's own. I want to create that same sense of sourcing something special, and turning it into a wearable and usable product. My jackets and flower bags are meant to be a statement, but to also be a piece that sparks joy. 

xx eleanor